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Connecting, Supporting, & Restoring You, Your Medical Providers, & Your Family in the Journey with Breast Cancer & Lymphedema

Pretty in Pink Boutique

Welcome to Pretty In Pink Boutique

Please allow me to share a little bit about us…

Whether you’re facing breast cancer or you’ve developed lymphedema by some other means, our goal is to connect as an important resource for you, your medical providers, and your family along the entire journey from diagnosis, through treatment, and for a lifetime of remission and control of your condition.


Please stop by our Franklin location as early in the process as possible. Appointments are required for fittings.  Make an appointment today wherever, whenever it’s convenient for you. We will answer all your questions and share with you all the ways we can help.

Much of what we do is often covered by Medicare, TennCare, and private insurance plans such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, CIGNA, United Health Care, Aetna, and others.  We coordinate paperwork with your doctors and insurance to keep things as easy as possible, while being complementary to the medical treatment protocols set by your medical providers.  We have a specialist who knows your insurance plan and how to maximize your coverage to limit your out of pocket costs wherever possible.

About UsSupporting

Pretty In Pink Boutique is a Christian-based ministry that seeks to support women and their families in the journey with breast cancer.  Since that simple beginning, we’ve expanded our vision to include thousands more men, women, and children suffering from the long-term effects of lymphedema and its impact on their lifestyles.

That commitment goes far beyond just products and services we provide; it often means listening, caring, and sharing our strength from seeing thousands of people survive and thrive.  Sometimes, supporting means being there for your family members to help ease their minds and offer encouragement.  Our intention is to be complementary to the medical treatment protocols.

Our goal is to link you with educational resources, special interest groups, and any other resources you or your family need.

Pretty In Pink


Our goal is to help restore dignity, femininity, and anything else cancer or lymphedema tries to take away from you.

We hire compassionate people and train them to be experts.  We can help you overcome the effects of your disease and treatments with:

  • Breast Cancer
    • Preparing for Surgery
    • Post-Surgical Care
    • Breast Prosthesis
    • Mastectomy Bras
    • Mastectomy Camisoles
    • Mastectomy Swim Suits
    • Mastectomy Apparel
    • Headwear
  • Lymphedema Care
    • Compression Stockings
    • Compression Arm Sleeves
    • Compression Gauntlets & Gloves
    • Custom Compression

If you don’t see an obvious solution for what brought you here, please take the opportunity to get in touch.  We will help, or we will help direct you to the best resources available.

About Pretty In Pink

How We Got Our Start

We’ve come a long way since I ended up in the middle of a breast cancer journey with my mom in 1994.  Her bravery, and thousands of other like her, paved the way for all the advances being made in cancer care; particularly breast cancer.  It’s gone from being one of the most feared diagnoses to one of the most survivable forms of cancer.  And whether you’re a breast cancer survivor or you’ve developed lymphedema by any number of other means, just know this: my vision for Pretty In Pink Boutique is that it will be everything for you that my family needed over 25 years ago and couldn’t find.  My vision for Pretty In Pink Boutique is that everyone you meet will treat you no different than they would my own mother.  My vision for Pretty In Pink Boutique is that we will love on you the same as we would my own mother.  We will always try hard; do our best; sometimes fail; always seek to do better.

We got started in 2004 when God called us to serve with joy the people of Middle Tennessee facing these afflictions.  Support was scattered and unorganized then.  It’s laughable to think about it now, but this started as a “part time” thing for me when my daughter was born and I was looking for a new way to pursue my nursing career and be a mom.  I thought I’d be helping 3 women every week and that would be about it.  In typical fashion, God had much different plans than we did…

The first week, I was overwhelmed by the response and hired my good friend, Rachelle, to help.  By the second month it was obvious we had under-estimated the needs of our community.  We quickly set out to expand.  Today, we work with physicians and lymphedema therapists all over the Southeast, and since that humble beginning we’ve seen over 15,000 different customers.  During that same time, our team has grown to over a dozen talented and compassionate members.

What started out as a fitting tribute to my mother has grown well beyond anything we imagined.  My husband and I are constantly amazed at what God has done.

Our Commitment To You

We will never knowingly let you down.  Our vision is that Pretty In Pink Boutique should be more like a high-end shopping experience than a medical visit.

We know this is a difficult process and we always want you to be happy, no matter what it takes.  Please communicate all your needs, wants, and concerns and we will do our best to make the experience easy, successful, and as pleasant as possible under the circumstances.

On behalf of my family and our entire team, thank you for the opportunity to be part of this journey with you.

Pretty In Pink Boutique

Pamela Ludwig, RN