If you suffer from any medical condition for which your doctor has prescribed compression garments, you’ve come to the right place!  Whether you have lymphedema, venous issues, burn scarring, or simply want compression to improve your circulation and keep your limbs healthy, we offer solutions that fit any body type.  Our certified fitters can help you determine which compression garment is right for you.  We offer ready-to-wear garments, and we also specialize in custom compression garments for any part of the body.

Pretty in Pink Boutique is proud to partner with both Juzo and Medi as our preferred compression garment suppliers for day wear. Both of these manufacturers have a decades-long presence in the compression industry, offering a wide selection of high quality medical compression garments that come in many different fabrics with multiple color options, including fashionable print patterns!

And for compression solutions for night wear, we partner with Solaris (a division of Lohmann & Rauscher) to provide custom night garment options.  Speak to one of our compression fitters to determine if nightwear is right for you.

*Please note that ALL compression garments require an appointment for a fitting with one of our knowledgeable fitters.  We will take measurements and give you individual attention to educate you on proper wear and maintenance of your products to ensure compliance and success.  Additionally, please be aware that all compression garments require a prescription.  And our team will work with you to determine if your insurance will cover compression garments and give you an accurate estimate of costs you may have associated with purchasing these garments.  If your insurance does not cover the garments, we offer discounts as well as payment plans.

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