Your Guide to Post-Surgical Camisoles & Bras

Your medical provider will likely share specific instructions.  This guide is intended to supplement that, and it’s important to point you that you should always prioritize the instructions of your medical provider because there could be circumstances unique to your diagnosis and surgery.

We are always happy to share our experience in advance and help you talk through questions and concerns.  And we have several breast cancer survivors on-staff who may be a valuable resource to you.

This guide has been developed in partnership with Wear Ease, our post-surgical garment partner.

Wear Ease, Inc.


You and your doctor will want to prepare for your surgery and recovery.  Your recovery will commonly be easier if you have a special post-surgical camisole or bra in advance.  Such a garment can help alleviate both your physical and emotional discomfort.

Post Surgical Camisole

The Dawn Post-Surgical Camisole by Wear Ease

By scheduling a private fitting with one of our Certified Mastectomy Fitters in advance of your surgery, you can discuss expectations and be fitted for the right camisole based on your surgeon’s preference, the surgery you have scheduled, and your size and body type.  You can request an appointment here by email or just call (615) 777-7465 to schedule.

The post-surgical camisole is almost always billable to your insurance provider.  We will coordinate with your surgeon’s office for a prescription and process the necessary claim paperwork on your behalf.

During Recovery

It is common to have at least one or more drains for at least a week or more after surgery.  While drains are in place, it can be challenging to find workable clothing solutions.  You may feel well enough to leave the house and resume aspects of your normal life.  Having a camisole that can secure your drains will make it easier to move around.  We will outfit you with drain pouches and share tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years to make this a lot easier.

We encourage you to call us at (615) 777-7465 or email your fitter or if you have any questions immediately after surgery.  We are here to help make you as comfortable as possible, and we’ve helping thousands of women through this process.

The Benefits of Post-Surgical Camisoles & Bras

Any woman who plans to have any type of breast or chest surgery can benefit from wearing a post-surgical camisole or bra.

Mastectomy/Breast Cancer Surgeries

    • Radical Mastectomy
    • Simple Mastectomy
    • Partial Mastectomy
    • Bilateral Mastectomy
    • Lumpectomy

Breast Surgery Procedures

    • Augmentation
    • Reduction
    • Reconstruction
    • Implant Revision

All Phases of Treatment

    • Post-Surgical
    • Radiation
    • Transition
    • Exams
    • Healing

Post-Surgical Camisoles & Bras

A post-surgical garment provides support and comfort for you immediately after surgery and throughout your recovery.

We offer a number of post-surgical camisole and bra styles.  Camisoles and bras by Wear Ease are uniquely designed with an inner shelf bra to support the breast(s).

All Wear Ease post-surgical styles include removable drain tube pouches and adjustable fiberfill breast forms (puffs).  The puff(s) fit securely into built-in pockets and provide breast shape without discomfort.

Wear Ease Post-Surgical Camisole Design

One of our Certified Mastectomy Fitters can review all the styles with you and, with input from your surgeon, select what’s best for your unique situation.  You can request an appointment here by email or just call (615) 777-7465 to schedule.