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Living with Lymphedema: Manage Inflammation This Holiday Season

The holidays are different this year, there’s no denying that. And while it’s disappointing to not have the usual traditions, maybe this is an opportunity to start new habits and traditions. If you’re living with lymphedema, you probably already know certain foods trigger bloating and swelling, making you uncomfortable. This year, make a plan to…

Products We Love

Products We Love

We love the American Breast Care 103 bra for these amazing benefits: ✔️It’s the perfect everyday bra ✔️Effortless lift for comfort and support ✔️Provides slight padding for symmetry ✔️Comes in many sizes and colors ✔️Has thicker straps for shoulder comfort Trust us, you’ll love this bra!    

Prairie Compression Bra


The Prairie Wear Hugger and Vida are high-quality compression bras to wear after a mastectomy with reconstruction or a partial mastectomy (with your doctor’s prescription). They come in Pink, Black and Beige, and in a multitude of sizes 🙌 And the benefits? In addition to providing support while you heal, you should experience less swelling…