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Managing Lymphedema in the Summer Heat

Managing Lymphedema to Maximize Your Summer Fun

The sun and warm weather feels amazing, but for those with lymphedema there’s an increased possibility for swelling and risk of infection.  Alexa Ercolano at The Lymphie Life is a blogger living with Lymphedema sharing stories, information, and support for those living with Lymphedema and their families.  Let’s take a look at some of Alexa’s…

Wear Ease Compression Shapewear

Wear Ease Compression Shapewear

Wear Ease Compression Shapewear Compression Shapewear designed to meet the needs of women recovering from breast, chest, abdominal and back surgery and side effects like edema and lymphedema.  Comfortable and flattering, providing mild compression and just the right amount of support for long term wear and compliance.  Great for sleeping, travel and sportswear. “Step into”…

Power Comfort Socks

Juzo Adds New Power Comfort Socks

Introducing New Juzo Power Comfort Socks Juzo designed Power Comfort socks with a thick padded sole to provide all-day cushioning for feet that work hard and play harder. Broad-ribbed for casual good looks, Power Comfort socks deliver a therapeutic punch – the compression you need for healthy legs. “We’ve applied our medical compression expertise to…