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mastectomy lingerie

Feeling Pretty: New Additions to Mastectomy Lingerie Line

Every woman wants to feel pretty. And while that definition may vary from woman to woman, the fundamental truth holds. Experiencing cancer, undergoing a lumpectomy or mastectomy, or enduring treatments that change the outward appearance and the inward perception of self are extremely daunting. As if many women don’t already deal with esteem issues by…

Radiation Therapy

Cancer Treatments 101: What is Radiation Therapy?

When you hear the word “cancer,” you immediately start to consider what your treatment options may be. Two of the most common treatments are chemotherapy and radiation, also called radiotherapy, radiation therapy or radiation treatment. You’ve heard these terms. You’ve probably even asked people diagnosed with cancer if they’re undergoing these treatments. Or you’ve asked…

Life After Breast Cancer

Life After Breast Cancer: The Importance of Follow-Up Care

You have fought the battle of your life and won! Your oncologist and a team of dedicated nurses, dietitians, and other clinicians have become like family, partnering with you on a hard journey leading to remission. Now what? Everything just falls back to your normal pre-cancer life, right? Probably not. Understanding the need for follow-up…